Saturday, July 08, 2006

Holiday weeks are REALLY long!

Ok, I'm bored, sitting around on my bum!!! I'm gonna go CRAZY if I don't do something that can actually be considered work. Anyway I've had fun hanging out with Tyler last weekend which is one of the last times I'll see him for the summer *tear*, yeah well we had amesoem parties @ my house and on Tuesday we went to see the fireworks @ Purdue, where I got Tyler and Kirby lost in the area where the shoot off the fireworks so we got yelled @ a few times, anyway we finally made it to where Tirz was supposed to be, but alas as we were talking I would have sworn she was in a different universe completely, but Tyler found her FINALLY! We listened to some 'wonderful' music that I could have cared less about, and then hiked over to watch the display, which was alright, but I've seen better, the sideways smiley face and the star were the coolest ones that I can remember, and Tirz and I were looking for Faith colors (even though we've graduated?) yeah, so I had fun that night.

Tirz and I went to see Pirates on Friday and even snuck into the Devil Wears Prada (very good!) but I had to leave to meet Tyler @ his house in Frankfort to go to a rockin party! Anyway, Tirz and I both thought that personally the Pirates was a little repetative and that they extended some scenes way past the point that they should have. (Maybe it was the fact that we both REALLY weren't comfortable (meaning we had to pee since the first half)) So yeah, then I felt rushed to go home, change and do everything that I needed to before leaving to meet Tyler. I ended up being early (don't ask me how, I'm NEVER early ) and we talked and looked through a book of pictures from Scotland **yay!** and then we went to this par-tay of the people that Tyler works with, and while it was fun to watch them all tease him about White County and how he doesn't eat anything but junk, I was one of two or three people that didn't work there. Needless to say, I was quite quiet (hee hee) and simply absorbed it all in. I got back earlier than my parents too! They said I was asleep by the time they came home (I fell asleep around ten/eleven) so they must have been partying pretty hard! So Tyler's working the Clinton County fair everyday from now until Sat. ? maybe? and then he's got some more work @ the White County fair, and later on in the summer the State Fair (wow! I don't think I could take all that even if I liked it as much as he does!)

Anyways, have a good summer y'all. I have a week of family vacation sort of stuff and then back to Camp T. Please leave me stupid voice mails (even serious ones if you want) mail me stuff and leave your Mon. and Wed. nights open, 'cause I don't want to hang out with my fellow counselors on my nights off if I don't have to so here's my address. Love ya all!!!

Meg Cochran
YMCA Camp Tecumseh
12635 W. Tecumseh Bend Rd
Brookston, IN 47923


Blogger Jenni said...

O Meg...tonght...steak n there...or :) DIE!!! lol

1:51 PM  
Blogger gingerplant said...

I'd rather die! jk o-tay!

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Tyler Cotterman said...

Yes, I am staying incredibly busy but I CAN NOT WAIT for college when life changes but slows down enough for me to actually have some time for my incredibly awesome girlfriend. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

11:57 AM  
Blogger gingerplant said...

I can't wait either!!!

10:03 PM  

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