Thursday, April 05, 2007


It is midnight. I worked at the Long Center for almost six and a half hours.

I had two Mt. Dews and a Starbucks Mocha. I'm 'growing up' which means I can swallow real coffee without wanting to scrub my tongue. Its nice, very helpful when attempting to pay attention to the boom of lights falling your way, or when needing to corral twenty-five two year olds as in my Sunday school class.

There is still dust in my eyes, nose and under my fingernails. This is going to be taken care of and then my bed is calling me. By the way, those people who take sarcasm as attempts to prove their wit are not on my good side. If I'm tired and annoyed enough to mention that someone might take a ride on the flys for not paying attention I am not requesting a lecture on my responsibility to forewarn the 'innocent' choir and actors!

I still think being a stage manager would be cool, but they don't have much of a sense of humor. . what a pity!


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