Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Two days into a new year, and I'm finally waking up and realizing that my 'fresh start' has been a slow, lazy, and truly boring experience. Not that I haven't enjoyed my new beginnings but I am simply stunned at the lack of energy. Not throwing myself into something extreme; such as a total bedroom makeover, or organizing all my things is new for me.
I have really enjoyed this last year leaning new things about my surroundings, friends, family, and myself. 2006 was a year where I was pushed into new experiences like registering for college, bonding with my class, graduation, dating Tyler (what an experience!), Camp Tecumseh, and finally starting Purdue. It was such a different year for me having stayed with the same things for such a long time. I'm a person normally content with things to stay similar, not that I like things boring, but I'm not always tempted to go out on a limb constantly. I'm thankful for the chances that I was given to grow up in my mindset and in my decisions. Camp taught me that regardless of how others' religious views affect me I am responsible for MY growth and MY choices. I'm surprised to find that I'm so sheltered even in my church about how Christians in my world live their daily lives.I also learned that being apart from Tyler is one of the hardest things, but I know that difficulties always bring a gift in disguise, though it was hard, I opened up to people without him there and got to know counselors that I haven't known long, but they were so great to me! I'm blessed by the example that my parents have given me and the opportunities they have given me to make the right choices by myself and not hound me about the wisdom of all the things I've chosen to do, but let me learn from the consequences.
I've had a few hard times lately with some health things that have shown me that I will grow even in the tough times, and knowing that I have friends and people who care that will stay by me when I struggle and they will help me through the each struggle every time.
In short 2006 gave me the insight to see the ways that I am incredibly blessed in my family and the foundations they have given me, my friends and the release they are from stress and the help they are to lean on when times are hard. Tyler has been there for me every step along the way, difficult times and everything. I am so stunned by how fast the last year has gone by, and how things have changed, but we're still great together and I'm so grateful to him for doing all the things he does for me!


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