Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ok, maybe its time

Maybe its time to post again, we'll see how long this gets. . .
Anyway, ummm for those who I don't' see much anymore I've been working @ Moe's for about a month or more, and its good. Fun and strange, I mean I've had a huge debate about the existence of God, and confessed to forgetting to clean something before realizing that I hadn't worked the night before and I hadn't made the stupid mistake I'd apologized for. I've been congratulated for being a really fast burrito roller (yay!) and then was unable to roll a burrito for the entire night (correctly or even decently) all this in the last week I might add. A bag of queso (the BEST stuff in the world!!!!) erupted like a volcano onto the floor and my poor co-worker (I must add it wasn't my fault in the least)
Ummmm. . . . you've already heard my moaning about commuting, but here's something else to add to my list of grievances. I ran out of coolant on Fri. I know several of you have heard this story, but for those who don't care to talk to me, or rather I don't get to talk to much here it is recorded for all to see.
I was going to class (@ Purdue duh!) anyway I was talking to my mom on the phone (Ironic she tells me not to while driving . . . ) and my gaze was drawn to the temperature gauge it was really close to the red, and while I'm not an expert @ cars I do know more than the basics and after my accident in May (don't freak, remember my fender bender) I thought that my radiator might have a slow leak and that I had slowly lost all my coolant, but when I pulled over @ Marsh on the West Side the car was too hot to look @ so I called my dad who was in the middle of a job and couldn't come and look @ the car for about an hour so I hiked.
*Note* My class wasn't for hours so I had time, it just wasn't high on the convenience list then or likely will it be ever. So I started my trek to the campus. I 'got' to take the scenic route meaning that Northwestern doesn't have sidewalks and is a lot busier (though it would have been faster) so I now know Grant St. rather well. It wasn't too bad 'cause for the majority of the time I was talking to Tirz. It took me a little less than an hour. It would have been longer, but my dad finished his job and picked me up about five blocks from my destination. I have to say that I like my car more now that I can drive it and not be so scared about it not working, though I need to get more coolant soon, that and snowtires and chains and . . . . well I mean its gonna suck driving in the snow. I mean next semester I am definitely not taking a class w/ a 7:30 lab or even a lecture. I'll need to find a cot and just live in my mom's office, I think that sounds like a good idea, I just have to convince her to let me. Back to my quest through all trials and tribulations to attend class (my one history class, which btw, my computer died halfway through and I didn't bring my notebook (in the car) so I only have half the notes) I was whistled to by a construction worker, flipped off, ooo, and my personal favorite, a girl leaned out the passenger side window while driving by and screamed "O MY GOD!!!!!" as she drove by needless to say, had I seen her later she would have had a few bruises. I'm sure it was hilarious to see me jump a foot, but definitely not worth what I'd give her if I saw her now. I think that's all there is to my odyssey. I do think there might be another post soon. I have an exam on Wed. and Fri. so my first test of college is coming up. Anyway I really need to end this so I don't have another excuse to avoid studying. I actually like studying too. But the years of avoiding schoolwork have left an impression that is hard to fill in so I'm off to attempt

God Bless!! I miss all you guys!! I miss our senior year, and all the crap we got away with. Well, I guess they're great memories, but its hard to imagine not seeing so of you or not going on another FMT tour or Senior trip. Gosh! I'm gonna cry so I've gotta stop. I can't ruin my reputation now, so goodbye guys! Leave me comments and I'll try to think of something to post about again.

All my love to you!


Blogger turza said...

oh megnes..... i totally would have gotten you if the garage i was in would have let me out! glad you're better and the odessey is over!!!

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