Monday, November 20, 2006


You ever worry about STARTING a task?
I don't know why I'm worried about starting, I should be praying about finishing, but I will explain my ramblings. I am leaving for Missouri tomorrow around noon to go to pick up my dear friend Adrienne, not so bad, huh? BUT. . when I get back the next day I'm having a huge pack of these odd people called relatives here for Thanksgiving, not so bad, you think?
I have but two task that truly separate my happiness and these plans.
One: my room, you all know how obsessive I can be? About organization and everything? I still am, but I have been neglecting my room for months now because I know that while cleaning I will need to follow all the rules I've set down over the last 10 years or so and I'll revise them and the cleaning will escalate into a frenzy where I forget to eat or talk to friends, and I'll be at it for hours! Trust me, I scare myself.
Two: my car, its smaller you say. . . its got to be cleaner! WRONG! I too am a perfectionist about my beloved, beaten Accord, with its huge trunk and gravel filled carpet mats. In truth the huge trunk is filled with half the clothes from my closet, and enough junk that I still don't have a clue what to do with I don't know where I shall place it, or it there is enough room in my room for it all organized or not.

I, the master of obsessive organization, think about cleaning these two spaces every day of my existence, but I have also mastered the art of ignoring it. I fear should I start one of these projects it will become the Achilles heel of my life. I have the potential to become Monkish, my OCD will grow to insane heights and I will need to be put into an institution for life. So to avoid my fears I have been stalling for the last two hours, but my mother has declared that with company coming, I MUST clean these before I am to leave the house today. If only I had classes today, I might excape, but alas, no! I DO however have errands to run, and fear I must now start. I'm dreading this and digging my heels in but I'm off to start. Let's pray I actually finish, rather than become obsessed!


Blogger turza said...

alas, you dont have class???? alas kinda means 'unfortunately"! what is wrong with you girl???never mind i know the answer to that......haha

2:55 PM  
Blogger julio said...

have fun tomorrow, bring her back to me in one peice. :)

6:00 PM  

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