Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wickert Rocks!

I love Emily Wickert, why? She is blunt, fun, and random. She isn't afraid of what people say, or what they think about what she says. Life is never more fun than when randomly doing something with her, like looking @ pics of Noah Hill (soo, cute!). Emily will also start something fun or say a comment in dead silence when life's boring. All in all Wickert rocks!
Horses are cool too.

Water, water, everywhere. . . .

Now this post in response to Andy Costa's brilliant observation today, right now in Senior Seminar,
"Everyone who drank water a hundred and fifty years ago is dead today."
After using an online water calculator to see that we should all drink 80 ounces of water daily. (oh my word, can you imagine how often we'd be running to the bathroom?!) I've decided to die of dehydration rather than the amount of water I'd have to force down.

Anyway, more on Andy b/c he's writing a post about me: I've sat next to Andy in homeroom since our junior year ( I can't remember who sat next to me before him, other than Tyler in our freshman year) he is a very 'interesting' person who makes me think of things in a way I never would have thought about them before.
Like his famous "Do you think. . . " statement.

*Nice one Jared, yes I do think Andy's a little wierd, but no he would not look better bald. *

He and Jared are similar in their obsession with hair. Jared's with ponytails and Andy with ringlets. He is also probably third or fourth on my list of people I get in the stomach for strange commments (First through third being: Tyler, Robbie, Kirby)
I do have to say that homeroom would never be as wierd without having to force Andy to stand up during the pledge and prayer, or his comments about Yeon, and belts.

Not to mention that he now calls me 'little buddy' (???) and NEVER has a pen or pencil with him *sigh* life, who knew it could be so strange.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


*sigh, tear*
Is my weekend really over?
I had fun though!