Friday, January 26, 2007


Hmmm what to say? I'm really busy, and that's basically it. I'm not working at Moe's anymore, yes, I know it is sad. I miss my people from there, but I have a little more of a life now, actually not true. I have less of a life than last semester. Tirz has gone and left me, and Adrienne is still gone. I'm appreciating Tyler more and more just for being around, since I'm not sure who to talk to sometimes. I love talking to Adrienne, she understands EXACTLY where I'm coming from, and Tirz always knew just what I was keeping from myself, and denying.
I don't have a lot of drama, mostly these days it's just exhaustion. I have four classes on MWF and only one on Tues. and two on Thurs. I have been really good w/ homework until last night, but that's just putting some off until this weekend to get some family time in and to see a new CSI. I'm correcting all those bad habits I had in high school regardin homework, but not neatness. I'm still really disorganized when I'm stressed which makes everything worse! I'm also working at the HSSE library on campus, and its really relaxing easy work though dry and dusty. I'm not so involved in any clubs or anything, but I am in a Bible study, that I'm getting a lot out of, and working through some new areas and patching up old. I miss first semester, hanging out a lot of nights like it was Fri. but I'm learning that this isn't bad, just focusing on studies, more so because I actually have homework now, and classes that I pretty much like. Its nice, I'm doing good. I've finally got my migraines under control, and though I've had one or two even w/ the medication its good to not worry about them all the time!
I'm out, going to PBF tonight, and let's confess, I've just been avoiding homework anyways by writing this, so I'll be good tomorrow and clean and do homework, so we'll see how that works out!