Thursday, April 20, 2006


This is way overdue. I got the opportunity to go to Tyler's prom last Saturday at the Holiday Inn Select downtown, a different experience from the last time I was there. (Junior/Senior) After a great meal at Applebee's (which I could NOT finish) and being the entertainment for the entire restaurant that could see us. Who knew little kids were facinated by people dressed up? We were early so we headed downtown and saw all the Passion Play people in costume out on the street as we drove by in an awesome gold Ford ummm. . . we could never remember what type it was(starts with and 'E') anyway we walked across the pedestrian bridge and debated what the 'floor' (?) of the ice skating rink is made out of. Went to the hotel and got to participate in the Grand March, I think its amazing that I didn't fall or trip or anything (watch now I'll sprain my ankle at Jr/Sr) and then I got to spend like five hours dancing, with no shoes which only made me realize just how tall Tyler is. That is, we danced until someone knocked over the lights and the dj's computer. That kinda finished the night, though there were songs after that.

As we left Tyler grabed the party favors (whatever) they gave us, I got a martini glass that says Prom 2006 and a picture frame in the shape of a star. Very intersting, but hey, we went and changed and then went bowling. Did you ever know Tyler can really bowl? I mean really, in our group he won both ( I think we played two games??) I came in third, out of five, only cause Tyler scared me and I got a strike (that's so sad, but hey, it worked!) We went for breakfast at at Denny's and IHOP, well, we went to Denny's and IHOP and watched people eat and I got home at five-thirty, and slept for three (possibly) hours and went to church, only to realize I missed it b/c I slept in too late and then to my grandparent's for Easter. I didn't get much sleep (could you guess) so I've been a little weird, like today I forgot my FMT outfit, b/c I thought it was Wed.

I'm glad I got the chance to go to prom, especially w/ Tyler I had an awesome time, I wouldn't have wanted to go w/ anyone else!