Friday, May 19, 2006


Jared's harassing me to post again! I don't know what to post about; however, I had an idea the other day, but now I can't remember. I'm rambling a little, I guess I'll just say that I think my new obsession is yoga. Not the whole chanting "ummm" and complicated spiritual stuff, but the poses and the balancing that makes me feel like I've just had a good workout, while not breaking a sweat. Ironically I got this from McDonald's where I (finally) ate a salad and get this free DVD that starts you off with yoga being taught by this computer generated lady, and its a little cheesy, but when you can hold a pose on one foot and NOT fall over and hurt yourself you feel like you've accomplished something. I hurt a little today, only because I couldn't put my hands flat on the floor, so I had to strech and now the backs of my legs hurt.

I like yoga (my whole post could be summarized into that)