Saturday, June 17, 2006


Well, now I'm officially a counselor @ Camp Tecumseh, trained and all. Anyway, I had a decent amount of fun with about sixty people that I don't know. I have to say that the first two days I really didn't talk at all!!! I was so overwhelmed and we had a lot of time being 'taught' in sessions that were common sense and very dull. They had to but the third day when we had our swim checks and the mud hike that REALLY broke the ice, especially the times were we froze in the pool and threw mud EVERYWHERE!! That and the hurried rinsing off in the lake that apparently has leeches we got to know some people a lot more than we planned. I think I'll have a great summer, just so everyone knows, I work July 16 through August 5th and I have Mondays and Wed. off from 5pm to 12pm and about 24hours from Sat. to Sun.
Yeah, well now to the sad part, rather than having about four or five weeks to repack and get supplies I have my 24hours 'cause I have to work this week too! I'm happy, more money! but this is the first week and I really don't know how well it will work out, so I'm a little nervous about the procedures, but I'm happy about having the kids there and getting away from the training (soooo boring!) Anyway, I need to take a shower and do laundry, and some shopping so have fun!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My week

Ok, I've been a little depressed about the whole summer thing, just 'cause I don't KNOW what I really want to do, I'm interested in so many things! But, now I'm better, I don't know particularly why, but I am, I think its because I've given it over to God and now I make myself do stuff. I get really anti-social, even with Tirz and Adrienne sometimes, but I know that then is mostly when I need to talk or remember my friends care a lot about how I am and shutting them out is bad.
Back on topic, well I had a lot of fun on Monday, being a look-out and all. (hee hee hee) Then I guess I'm really morbid 'cause Jaws makes me laugh (so do all old scary films) a LOT. I hurt myslef stubbing my toe on Luke's pool drain and I don't find getting beat in keep-away all that fun so I soaked up some sun, and ended up with a slight burn on my shoulders 'cause I don't believe in suntan lotion. On Tuesday I saw the Omen, a lot of fun!(see post below) I can't remember what I did on Wed. Well, either Wed. or Thurs. I went to Adrienne's house where we swam, (duh! that's all I do in the summer other than lay out and eat) laid out, ate pizza, and watched Legally Blonde. Jared and Jordan learned that girls really don't pay that much attention to what people actually say in chick flicks, we don't register an inuendo or slip of the tongue as much as you would think, we glide over it and continue to grasp why she hates him b/c of this and she and her have a rivalry from the third grade over how she did her hair one way and now are arch enemies and how this girl's guy cheated on her with her and yet she and him get along but secretly she is planning his torture and demise. All that and we still know who to sympathize with and root for in the end, guys simply get lost in the details, girls however understand and apply the details to complicated formulas of friendship and relationships with some trusty rules and come up with the perfect answer every time! Kill the guy and move on. J/k but seriously its the funniest thing in the world to watch a chick flick with your dad/brother/boyfriend who is used to war and gore.
Back on subject *again*! Friday I had fun lounging about the house and sleeping in as it was my only day I didn't work this week. I went to Rebecca's and had a blast with lots of loud music, sick kids, movies, popcorn in tremendous excess, and pictures (of course). Then we got TPed. . . and well, I was in the bathroom at that point of time, and so I heard screaming and figured the best place for me was to stay put. If it was an axe murderer, well I wished them luck and if not, I wasn't running out merely to say 'hi' to random scary people. I emerged to find the room empty and I headed upstairs where Rebecca was peering out the door where Tirz, Adrienne, and Jenni ran outside to confront the evildoers. I went out too, thinking if I was going to be killed I prefer being one of the first rather than the one that survives and spends the rest of their life in a mental institution reliving the horror. All I could see was white and flowing in the wind. That was an awesome amount of coverage, but it was sooo easy to take it down. After filling three trash bags we had reached all that we could with our average height being 5' 4", and thank goodness. When we were awakened by the banshee-like wail of the security system which Tirz thoughfully though to wake us with upon her attempt to leave the house at 7am or so, it was raining. After finally falling asleep at five am I personally didn't like Tirz too much after that, especially when Avril and a High School Musical was added to the noisy morning. So the best part was probably making Alexander laugh histerically with my amazing bed head, however; I had a blast!!! It was so fun. Then I spent the rest of the day (Sat.) cleaning my room, and falling asleep at 9:30.
Soday was an adventure, after having to wake up after my wonderful 11 hour slumber (I didn't WANT to wake up) I had a fun time at the college class playing a pointless, odd game and following Josh ? to heaven. (I'll explain if you want, later my fingers hurt I just want to finish) My adorable 2 and 3 year old class was cranky today, but hey, they're still cute! I got to basically run the show while one lady tried to read the story and keep the masses occupied, and the guy was 'talking' to one kid who was VERY upset the toys were put away. I had two girls to help, but when two kids peed their pants it seemed as though all were busy. (I wonder why. . .) I got to see my grandparents and Tyler (YAY!!!) today, overall I had a great day and I won't see anyone for a week, 'cause I have training @ Tecumseh this week. I'm sure I'll have fun. . .