Thursday, December 29, 2005


Right now everything seems to be going so slowly (a good thing during break right?) not when your home alone, no one seems to be calling me and I'm freezing my butt off! Ok, so I bet your thinking "Well, call someone already!" Right?! Well, I hate the telephone ok! I hate everything about calling someone the ringing and then what if the person your calling doesn't answer? You have to talk to their mom, dad, brother, sister, or bf/gf. I can't handle the amount of stress it generates when something unexpected like that happens. Hearing a voice different than the one I intended to hear sends a shock though me that temporarily dislocates my brain and my backbone.
So here I sit contemplating blogging a survey (just what you wanted right? ) or making my self b-fast that's right b-fast as in I've been awake for three hours surfin the net and only now is my stomach complaining
Mmmm fish, its what's for b-fast/lunch (who cares? its after noon anyways)
Onwards to the survey (can anyone tell that I've been reading Anna S.'s blog ?)
*One final rabbit trail does anyone else notice the fact that delete doesn't work here? (sometimes)

------ Stuff ------
Name: Megan Elaine Cochran
Nickname: Meg, Megness
Single or taken: dating Tyler Cotterman (Yay!!!)
Place of Birth: ST. Elizabeth (Lafayette, Indiana)
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Male or Female: Female
School: Faith Christian

-----Appearance -----
Hair: brown just to my shoulder
Eyes: Blue
Nails: However long they get before they crack
Height: 5'4"
Crush: Yep, Tyler
Do you like yourself: Normally, but I bore my self pretty easily
Braces: not any more
Think your hot?: nope!
Pierced: ears
Tattoos: sorry, not yet! (kidding)
Lefty or righty?: righty

kiss: never been kissed
first best friend : Jessie B.
first sport: soccer
first pet: Dixie and Bandit (best dogs ever besides Lucy)
first school: Highland
first crush: Brett Courtney
first concert: Alabama (really)

movie: Indiana Jones, LOTR
TV show: Lost, Monk
Color: Brown
Music: i don't know
Song: I hope you Dance
Food: Chicken Parmesan
Drink: Mountain Dew
Candy: M&Ms, KitKat
Sport: Soccer
Clothing Brand: Forever 21, Aero
School: Not mine, Purdue
Books: Romantic Thrillers (Dee Henderson) Classics (Mark of the Lion)
Magazines: I hate reading stupid gossip

Eating: Fish
Drinking : Root Beer
Listening to :Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (launchcast radio)
Mood: hyper
Thinking about: What to do. . .
Wanting to: see Tyler
Watching: nothin
Wearing: my favorite pj shorts (yes, I know its winter) stupid t-shirt and my hairy slippers

-------Future Plans----
kids: sure
married: yep, I'm too weird to be left on my own
careers: would people stop asking that I still don't know

----Opposite sex------( oh, goodie......*gag*)
cute or sexy: cute, they usually know if they're sexy
lips or eyes: I prefer them to have all of the usual body parts, yes (eyes)
hugs or kisses: hugs
short or tall: tall
easygoing or serious: easygoing b/c when someone is serious I normally start getting goofy
romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
fat or skinny: how about healthy? but NOT fat
sensitive or loud: what is this supposed to mean? I guess sensitive
hook-up or relationship: relationship
sweet or caring: how can you be one and not the other?
trouble-maker or hesitant: a mischevious thinker

-------Have you ever?-----
kissed a stranger: no
drank bubbles: caught bubbles w/ my tongue
worn glasses/contacts: nope
ran away from home: lots of times...... under my desk (when I was little)
had an x-ray: yep
broken someone's heart: not to my knowledge
broken up w/ someone: nope
turned someone down: yep
cried when someone died: YES!
cried @ school: yes, when my grandma died

----do you Believe in-----
God: heck yes!! (sorry, yes)
miracles: yes
love @ first sight: sure
ghosts: no
kissing on a first date: I believe it happens, but not for me

-----Answer truthfully----
Is there someone you want but know you can't have?
What?, no

*This is avery long post so enjoy, and any spelling mistakes are my own and no one should attempt to re-create them b/c only I can spell as badly as I do.

It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.
Plan to be spontaneous, tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just for Joel

Discovered by accident this "humorous" mind exercise ought to be forgotten for all time but before, I thought some strange, and weird people might chuckle to read this.
In case anyone else reads this I'm truly,horribly, and regrettable sorry, and to Joel if you read this then attempt to discuss it with me or anyone else who doesn't truly care, I will shoot you and then laugh really, really hard (understand)
Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.

Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo!

Interesting Humor

By the way,before I going into another venting, daydreaming mood I found a site (maybe more than one) that might really interest you if you feel like a laugh.
*I'm sorry, but the first is not a great example of the rest, I found them funny if viewed with some level of maturity.

Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of
. . . AND . . .
A day without sunshine is like, night.

Christmas Break

Christmas Break, the two weeks that make the rest of the entire school year worth the melodramatic whining of another semester. Two weeks where laziness, boredom, and a total lack of plans is considered acceptable and parents don't freak b/c of the aforementioned qualities. A magical span of time where all the dreams of hw and school ceasing to exist occur. Regardless of whether a person spends his time working, sleeping, or changing his plans every other minute this is my last Christmas break @ Faith and it is a little melancholy (though I know everyone else is attempting to forget) I've lost sleep this last week b/c of the fact that I think in the back of my mind I know that though all of my friends will deeply treasure (hint of sarcasm) the time we spend together everyone is thinking of scattering at the end of another semester. College dreams, and hopes are finally going to be fulfilled and we will never be together so much as we are during this semester. After graduation we will never sit together in homeroom @ the top of the bleachers @ the peak of our high school career. We will never again be @ this point in time with all of our dreams and hopes spread before us waiting to be acted upon. This sounds a little pathetic (considering that I can't wait as much as the next person) but after we are handed our diplomas we won't ever be able to go back to the simplicity of life in high school with only hw to worry about, and debating the varying extent of our drama with one another.
At the same time we can escape the often cruel atmosphere of a private high school life. We are finally making our own decisions no parents to hold our hands @ every step but they are still available for interrogation about tax forms, money issues, and if needed housing problems. WE never again have to listen to the same people gripe aobut the same problems. Never have to attend school every day from 7:55-3:16 five days a week. Our life is finally going to be in our hands with the freedom to choose. How to dress, when we can go places, when to be back, when to do our hw (if @ all), what to eat, when to eat it. The choices are endless. This is the threshold to our life, NOW. Life up to this point is about preparation, and though some of the future will still include preparation and learning we are done. and totally fed up with the system to this point. (right?) Now, what to do. . . ?
Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of
. . . AND . . .
A day without sunshine is like, night.

Blogging Again

No matter how many times I start a blog I fail to continue with my plans to update it, but NO MORE! I am determined (maybe)to update and keep this one going.