Saturday, January 21, 2006

Snake vs. Hamster

This hamster and snake are best friends. This makes me think of the picture before the fall of man where the lion would lie down with the lamb. It also makes me wonder if they starved the snake would he eat his 'friend' the thought makes me giggle.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I don't want to explain it all now, but I'm accepted to Purdue!!!!!!!!
My mom told me, I get my letter on Saturday

I'm so happy, what an answer to prayer!!!

Any way, now I'll add on to this story :
As many of you know about a month and a half ago I was denied acceptance to Purdue, not just a school, but the university. Since Purdue is where I assumed I'd be going since like first grade, and I hadn't found another school I was dissapointed to say the least, I was really upset. I cried the day they sent me the letter (Thanksgiving) and nearly every day after that for three weeks I remember praying that God would magically reveal his will, or open a door that I would know he wanted me to pursue.

Christmas break past and I finally decided that since I wasn't being told where to go by God that I would send an application to almost every university in Indiana that I knew. Well, that was a monumental task and with my way of doing things I started giving Mrs. Toth these applications this week. My mom and I (through her awesome Purdue contacts) set up an interview to re-submit my application. She also changed in my file the majors that I stated I wanted to apply to, and added a Faith grading scale, thinking that might have played a part. She gave it to a dean of admissions to evaluate yesterday, and said that we would have the results in a few days.

Today in fifth hour she sent me an e-mail saying that she didn't have any news and then another one a few minutes later that said to e-mail her back when I got it. Well, since the e-mail was a couple of hours old I called her on her lunch break and she said that I was accepted. I was so happy!!! She explained the mistake that the admissions people made, that aparently they mistook my class ranking as my percentile in the class. Think about that I'm about halfway or more in a class of thirty that meant they thought that I was in the tenth, twentyith(?) percentile.

Anyway, I get my offical letter on Saturday, and I've been accepted to the Purdue College of Ag in (I believe) Ag Communications. Its ok, not International Studies (what I originally applied for), but I can do this for a year, semester, and still be going in the right direction. Its like the Internaitonal Studies that I applied for, but more specialized, as in only dealing w/ ag. Anyway what my mom fuond out about the mistake they made is that I would definatly have been accepted to my first major choice had they not screwed up.

When God tries to teach you a lesson he's really through!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Tyler Cotterman is the greatest guy I know

I've been meaning to write/ type this post for a long time, but you know how hard it is to stay on topic. Anyway, Tyler's great (a little repetitive, huh?)

Anyway, I haven't seen him in @ least two weeks and I'm getting a little strange b/c of it. Maybe this explains some of my weird behavior.
Like last night I could focus enough to stay with a conversation every two sentences I would say "Who?" "WHAT?" or "Why?"

Ok, I'm not blaming Tyler for all of my weirdness, in fact the fact that I can talk to him w/o Faith drama or the fact that he doesn't have the same hw or projects that I do helps keep me calm. I just miss the fact that I got to hang out w/ him like ten times over break, then not see him for so long I'm going through withdraw.
No one else laughs inwardly when I say "sounds good" and no one else makes me laugh no matter what we talk about. Though other guys hold the door for me no one else refuses to let me open my own car door.
; )
I'm just so excited by the fact that I get to see him soon! Frontier people rock, they are weird and sometimes perverted, but they are a blast to hang out with.
I've even started to "feel" things too, just b/c I've been around Tyler when he does his touchy-feely thing, its fun!
Tyler the guy that my parents love, and who is the guy for me!

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