Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm Baaack!

Senior Trip . . . *sigh*
Ok, so I'm thrilled to be home to sleep in my own bed and see Tyler, and other random things like waking up @ two am to a very determined cat that wants to sleep on your face, but in reality I want to go back!! I don't want responsibilities! I want to go to theme parks and tourist sites and hang out with my friends! Ok, not totally serious, I was really ready to choke a lot of people like Joe, and John Landis for poking me in the side when I was falling asleep and people who take up more than their fair share of the seat. Ironically, though I've heard the stories a million times I NEVER would have guessed that the Wilds really would the the most fun on the trip. I will never forget the screams, the skits and the the odd things I saw and did.

Pidgeon Forge was kinda like Las Vagus on the other side of the Mississipi. There was a strip that was really gaudy, and all the stores/kiosks had the same things just better, like the fifty go-cart tracks we saw, the only differences were if there was a curly-q (?) or if they could possibly reach speeds of fourty miles and hour. Our sponsers were really agressive, and so was Andy Costa and Joe. I think I would've been killed by Andy if we hadn't run out of time.

Never doubt what they tell you @ the Wilds, yes, the Fourth Falls is cold, yes, the raft trip is fun AND cold, yes, the way back from the Fourth Falls is hard (you basically rock-climb the mountain!), yes, there are a lot of stairs (I couldn't go from one place to another w/o stairs), yes, it is the equivalent to fat camp (I've never been so tired and hungry constantly in my life, ok, yes I have, but, that's just me) The chapels are really good, and there's nothing better to bring your class together than crying, and after you discover that those annoying people are still just as weird, but God gives you the grace you need when you ask for it

Six Flags was awesome too! The best is Emily Raush decided on almost every ride as it started that she didn't want to do it and would then scream her head off through the duration of the ride. I got to ride the Joker's rollercoaster, whatever, with Justin who screams too, and the funny thing was, we had already ridden that one, but he still made me laugh b/c its a little coring after the inital twists but he kept it up throughout the entire ride. I felt bad for James getting sick (he's probably ready to kill us for telling the story) but I was proud of him to wait until the ride stopped, that and I would have puked if he had puked on me, that would just have been well. . . gross! Possibly the best part of the day was the kiddie rides that we went on b/c we were falling asleep so the swings and the merry-go-'round and the spinning teacups that didn't spin were relaxing, it was a good thing I put on my seat belt for the merry-go-'round 'cause I fell asleep and my panther was REALLY far off the ground! I had to climb on the elephant beside the panther (does that make any sense?) to get on it in the first place and I sortta fell off rather than go through that again

D.C. was a lot of fun, but I was ready by then to have my own bed, and some time spent in solitary confinement. There wasn't as much to do as I thought the Smithsoneans were interesting for about the first ten/twenty mintutes, but after that the kids hiding and shining laser points into your eye had begun to annoy you more than a little, and since it looks undignified to be a senior chasing a fourth grader around national monuments and thorugh museum exhibits you have to restrain yourself or hide in the bathroom until that teacher that isn't paying any attention finally confiscates that demonic toy. Hanging out in Union Station for three hours isn't a lot of fun like oyu would imagine, though there is a movie theater, but gift shops are only entertaining for so long

Pizza, never order a pizza in your hotel roomduring senior trip (like I did) first there's the chance the delivery guy will arrive AFTER lights out, second, there is the possibility that the said pizza man will knock on your sponsors' door in an attempt to find the room at the end of the hall.

Odd Quotes/Memories

"I'm gonna DIE!! LET ME DOWN!! AHHH"
"Let's pretend"
"The window, the window, the second story window"
Joel = Blob
Joel = SuperSlide
Justin = Lake
Cabins = Toilets

I'm bored, I hope to put pictures on soon!