Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My life recently

Ok, I've already left a novel of a comment on Tirzah's blog so I'd better just make a new blog. Anyway, I worked last week w/ a bunch of REALLY cute kids!!! Don't ask me about camp/my kids/how it went/etc. if you don't want your ear talked off. I had fun, but not really talking to anyone during the week when they weren't doing anything, and only while they were busy was annoying. That and Tirz is gone *sigh* and other people work normal jobs. . . I like my job, but when I'm off is normally around 5-12am on two random week nights or 25 hours b/w Sat. and Sun. so I REALLY want to enjoy the next three weeks I have off before I have to go back to work for three weeks. Then I have about a week before people leave me and I'm stuck going to classes, ug! Actually I like my schedule, here it is (as far as I know)

AGR 101 ~ an eight week course where I apparently show up and get an 'A' (sweet, huh?)

ANSC 106 ~ biology of companion animals interesting, no? I don't plan on staying in Animal Sciences, but until I transfer to a different college (in Purdue) I have to take one course just 'cause

BIOL 110 ~ 'cause I fell in love w/ bio during Mrs. T's class I decided to take two bio courses in the same semester (don't ask me why)

CHM 111 ~ can't get enough science can I?

POL 101 ~ political science . . . just one more course w/ science in the title, please!

HIST 128 ~ English history to 1688 sounds like fun, no?

*not to mention the 6 Spanish credits I got testing out of Spanish during my day on campus

Yeah, lots of fun. . . I seriously had the most fun finding the most interesting courses that I might use and creating the weirdest schedule of the day for my advisor. I was with him for 45 min. debating on whether or not I need to take math this semester or not, and I love that guy, 'cause he kept telling me to put it off, so I did.

I'm rambling, again, anyway the only other exciting thing is that tomorrow is my b-day!! YAY FOR ME!! Everyone is invited to a party @ my house Fri. night starting around 5 or 6 (come whenever really!) and we'll have food, swim, and a sleep-over (sorry guys! invitation not extended to you on that last part) we might have to sleep out in a tent or on my deck depending on how many people plan to stay, but it'll be fun!